Sixth Grade Directions

FIRST: Safety !

First Things First    First Things First Copy

Review these rules.
Add the ideas from Grade 5.
Add your code names to the last slide to agree.
Everybody signs a short rule sheet and turns it in.

Let's get started !

Directions  (Open directions to follow them)

Work in your Welcome Presentation: Share with the fifth graders.
Put in Projects Folder.

One Sixth Grade Student / Two Fifth Grade Students / One Computer
Sixth Grade student shows a fifth grader the first information.
The fifth grade student then shows their partner how.

Other sixth grade students monitor and help, or have an alternative assignment.

Grade 6:

Blog Info Reflection  (Make a copy)

Critical Incident Reflection (Make a copy- add your code name to the title)

Grade 5:

Tech5 Reflection  Make a copy. Add your code name.